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Drone over sunset
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Meet the Net Firing Drones That Will Protect Football Stadiums in the World Cup

This year, there are lots of strange things happening around the World Cup. For starters, we should…

Snail race
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Snail Racing Not Only Exists, There’s a World Championships

Numbered 226 in the Perry Index of Aesop’s Fables, most people know the story of the tortoise…

World Cup soccer ball flags
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Worst Hosting Bids for the World Cup & Euros

When it comes to international football, no tournament is bigger than the World Cup. It is a…

FIFA World Cup
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How Are the Hosts Chosen For the World Cup & Euros?

rarrarorro / Bigstockphoto.com In football, the two biggest international tournaments are unquestionably the FIFA World Cup and…

Paul the Octopus
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Paul the World Cup Predicting Octopus

Tilla / Wikipedia.org When something that we have no control over comes around, people will often try…