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Hamster close up
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Hamster Racing: The “Professional” Racing Hamsters You Could Bet On

There is an occasional series of articles on this site about mad things that are raced for…

Snail race
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Snail Racing Not Only Exists, There’s a World Championships

Numbered 226 in the Perry Index of Aesop’s Fables, most people know the story of the tortoise…

Ostrich jockey
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Ostrich Racing Is a Real Thing… Here’s How it Works

Ostrich racing (Darrell Miller / Flickr.com) Elsewhere on this site you’ll be able to read about the…

Goat racing
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Goat Racing: How Does It Work & Is There a Jockey?

Kate Nevens / Flickr.com Those that tend to enjoy a bit of a flutter will know full…

Horse racing
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Colorado Fixed-Odds Horse Racing Talks Will Continue In February

In a report to the Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission (LGCC) during its monthly meeting Thursday, Colorado…